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What does FarmShots do?

FarmShots analyzes satellite & drone imagery of farms

Reduce scouting effort by as much as 90%

Map out potential signs of diseases, pests, and poor nutrition for scouting, reducing the area that needs to be covered by hand as much as 90%. With blazing-fast, high resolution imagery, detecting crop problems and resolving issues is easier than ever.

Accurately apply

Turn imagery into a prescription map for fertilizer and crop protection application. Optimize farm production and view analytics on farm performance. Data is exportable into nearly all agricultural software for prescription creation.

Use in the field and out

FarmShots comes with a responsive design that is simple and optimized for use on all tablets, laptops, and phones. When you first sign up with an account, you'll have a test farm to play with. Click the button to sign up and demo it yourself!

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